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Does cancer spread by saliva? No, you can 't catch cancer. Unlike other contagious bacterial or viral conditions, cancer can 't be spread in any of the following ways: kissing or exchanging spit in some way, such as by sharing utensils or a toothbrush. breathing in air that someone with cancer has breathed out.
Which of the following is an example of an antitumor antibiotic? The antitumor antibiotics consist of dactinomycin, adriamycin, bleomycin, mithramycin, and mitomycin-C. They function as cell-cycle-nonspecific DNA intercalating agents, interfering with DNA and RNA synthesis [8,21">.
What is the difference between chemo and chemo pills? Chemo is the use of strong drugs to kill cancer. Oral chemo is any drug you take by mouth to treat cancer. Oral chemo is not given to you with a needle. But oral chemo drugs cost a lot.
Can chemo cause hallucinations? Chemo brain can occur during or after chemotherapy treatment. Delirium may occur suddenly during treatment. Delirium usually happens after an identified cause, such as chemotherapy, and it is often reversible. It can also occur 48 months or longer after completion of radiation therapy.
How can I improve my prostate health? Some healthy foods for improved prostate health include vegetables, tomatoes, avocadoes, walnuts, fish high in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, nuts, olives, and pomegranate juice. Try prostate - healthy supplements.
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